I Used To…

Day 22 of 31

I used to dread going to the grocery store

Now I fear it

I used to hate traffic on my way to school

Now I miss it

I used to hope that someone would volunteer to walk my dog

Now I walk my dog as a way to escape my house

I used to rush through getting ready in the morning

Now I take my time

I used to want more togetherness time with my husband

Now I look for ways to find time away from him

I used to blame lack of exercise on not enough time in a day

Now I have tons of time to exercise

I used to flip around the channels when I was watching tv

Now I stay on one channel in an attempt to avoid scary news

I used to never see people outside

Now I see tons of people walking around

I used to wish my family would do more activities together

Now we are doing puzzles and playing games together each night

5 thoughts on “I Used To…

  1. I love that way that you use structure to format your slices and juxtapose your ideas. I think we can all relate to so much of what you put into this slice. It truly captures the complexity of what we are living and feeling these days.


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