So You Want to Be President?

Day 20 of 31

Sara is my oldest daughter. When I recently texted her to ask her what she remembers as her favorite read aloud book she responded with three book titles just as my youngest did. She agreed that Caps for Sale was a favorite along with Pat the Bunny, but the title that says the most about Sara is the book, So You Want to Be President.

This children’s book tells about the positives and negatives about being the President and goes on to tell interesting facts about those who have served as the President of the United States. This book was published in 2000 and Sara received it as a gift when she was about 4 and was obsessed with Presidents. Some kids love trains. Sara loved Presidents. We read this book so many times that I couldn’t help but learn obscure facts about a variety of Presidents.

Just like Emily’s favorite book reflects her personality, Sara’s reflects hers. We visited DC more times that I can count when Sara was a child. We would go every year to the Easter Egg Roll at the White House. Prior to tickets being available on the internet, we would all drive to DC, spend several days there and my husband would sleep outside on the Ellipse in order to get tickets for all of us to attend the Egg Roll. Then we would spend several days visiting museums and doing activities in the DC area. When it was time to leave Sara would be sad. Even as a young child she would comment that she wanted to live there some day.

Fast forward many years. Sara went to college in DC. She graduated and is now 23, lives in DC and is working there. She is surrounded by all the tourist sites she visited when she was so young. I’m not sure if she will live there permanently but right now she is exactly where she dreamed all those years ago and I am not at all surprised.

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