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The last two days I wrote about my youngest and oldest children’s favorite books. I saved the middle child for last, mostly because she called me and told me that she doesn’t remember me reading that much to her, which sort of shocked me because I read to my kids every day, but Kelly was an independent reader long before I realized it.

During our conversation Kelly mentioned having fond memories of the Supergirl comic book series. I am not a big fan of comic books, but my husband is. So when he brought home the Supergirl comics bound into one large book I was happy for him to take over that read aloud. He would lay face down on Kelly’s bedroom floor with the book opened in front of him. One kid would be on each side of him and they would take turns getting to be the one who sat on his back while he read aloud. I wish I had a picture of that because it was nothing short of adorable.

Besides the Supergirl comic books Kelly enjoyed reading from the Learning Adventure Library series. Just like my other children’s favorite books say so much about their personalities, these informational books also says so much about Kelly. The books Kelly liked were fact finding. Kelly is graduating from college this spring having majored in computational biology and latin. She completed a thesis in each of those majors and is currently deciding which PhD program she will attend. She is super smart and while her sisters were happy to read fiction stories, Kelly seemed to gravitate toward reading material that could help her unravel the mysteries of the world.

Some of my fondest parenting memories are those that involve reading stories to my children. I remember them carrying stacks of books for me to read after dinner. Those early parenting days were tiring. My husband would often miss dinner and at times I would fall asleep reading to them. They always woke me up with, “Mommy are you falling asleep?” I would say no but I think they knew I was lying.

Sara (L), Emily on my lap and Kelly (R)

2 thoughts on “Supergirl

  1. This slice brought me memories of my own children and their taste on books. I always feel guilty that in one point we stopped reading out loud with both of my children when our older daughter, who was an avid reader, started to read independently. Our son who was younger was left behind. When I realized that, I started to read in bed with him, and also I fell asleep, and he asked me the same question as your daughters. His favorite part (and mine) was when I close the book and he said: “Now, let’s snuggle!”. Thanks for your beautiful and important slice. Reading with our kids creates such good connections and complicities.

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