Roller Coasters

Day 24 of 31

I hate roller coasters…like I seriously hate them and am scared of them. Up until several years ago I would sit on a bench and wait for my family members to ride. So, why am I writing about this picture? Well, you see this picture tells a story about everyone on this ride.

Let’s start with my daughter, Sara, on the left in the front. She doesn’t love scary rides. She is the daughter most likely to sit with me on a bench and wait while the others ride. She might look scared but she isn’t as scared as I am. She is reasonable and can talk herself into and out of situations by looking at all sides. Sometimes I call her when I have a bad day and she validates me. I love that about her.

Next to her is my youngest daughter, Emily. She is the bravest one in our family. She loves scary rides and will even go on roller coasters that go upside down and backwards. She lives in the moment and encourages all of us to do the same. I love that about her.

In the next row is my husband. Like our youngest, he likes scary rides. Emily can convince him to go on almost anything, including the sling shot ride at the boardwalk. Since we are a family of 5 one of us had to sit alone and my husband doesn’t mind being alone. He works from home and that is fine with him. I don’t understand that, but it works for him. He took the alone seat because he wanted the rest of us to have fun. I love that about him.

The back row on the left is my middle daughter, Kelly. She might look scared but she’s not. Kelly opted to sit with me because she knew I would be screaming. As this ride began I was squeezing her hand ridiculously hard but she let me do that because she knew I couldn’t hold in my emotions . She was providing comfort for me in my time of need. I love that about her.

I am next to Kelly. I am not only squeezing her hand but I am closing my eyes and hoping this ride is over soon. My entire family convinced me to ride with them. Leading up to the ride I was thinking of ways to get out of line. I asked for reassurance and they all said it would be ok. The anticipation of waiting in line almost killed me. Ok, not really but that’s how it felt. The ride began with the first slow climb as I told Kelly I loved her, in case we didn’t make it. Before I knew it we were plummeting down the first hill and whipping around curves. Up and down and around. Up and down and around. Up and down and around some more. Finally it slowed and we stopped. I made it! I didn’t die. I felt really great and I was proud of myself. My daughters and husband laughed at me. They told me they knew I could do it. I love that about them.

3 thoughts on “Roller Coasters

  1. I love your description of each member in your family and how the photo captures this moment in time. I am exactly like you- eyes closed, screaming, finding reasons NOT to ride. Like your family, I am super proud you did. You now have a photo and a slice to commemorate that moment.

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  2. I will never not love pure unadulterated familial love. This one got me. Between using the picture as a jumping off and reference point, to the refrain that built throughout. Lovely piece written really well about an almost indescribable feeling. Thank you for sharing this!

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  3. You know, whenever I go to the amusement park and ride the roller coaster, I pass by the part where they sell you the pics of you on the roller coaster. But this picture – and you! – remind me that every single one of those photos is the source of a story, just like this one. I love how you described each of your family members with such sincerity and humor. Thanks for the smile today!


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