To Believe or Not To Believe…That’s the Question

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I am a believer. I believe that people who have passed visit those of us who have not. Sometimes they visit in dreams and sometimes they send messages or signs. Now, I realize that not everyone is a believer. In fact, I am married to a non-believer. He is a skeptic by nature. I am not. I not only believe that people who have passed visit or send messages, I have experienced it personally, more times than I can count.

As a little girl I remember feeling people and hearing them but when I mentioned it to my mom she discounted it. That’s understandable. Being a little girl, I figured it was my imagination. It wasn’t until several years ago I began feeling what I felt as a child. I could relay lots of stories about people coming to me and giving me messages for other people. I could write about my bother-in-law who died by suicide. I could tell you about the many visits from my mother-in-law whom I never met. She died at age 45 and has likely been the person I have “heard from” most often. I could tell you about a student’s father who died or my own grandfather and his cologne that I smelled after he died. There are more but you get the idea. I likely have enough examples to fill every day of slicing next March.

What interests me most is how the world seems to be divided into believers and non-believers. I have tried to figure out what causes someone to be a non-believer. Are they more scientific and feel there is no concrete proof? Are they ISTJ personality types? Some non-believers I know personally are ISTJs. Have non-believers experienced messages or signals but just never picked up on what they mean? Do they discount their feelings? Are they afraid?

Let’s look at the other side, the believers. I am without a doubt an ENFP whereas my husband is for sure an ISTJ. Does personality type play a role in whether you are a believer or non-believer? Do believers simply feel more and, as a result, are able to pick up on signs that non-believers can’t? Are believers more in touch with their own emotions and relate to the feelings of others, even if they are no longer here? Are believers simply gullible? Does religion come into play?

Of all the questions I have about believers and non-believers the one that stands out to me most is…Why does it matter? I used to try to convince non-believers to come to my side. I would site examples of what I felt, heard or sensed, but I have stopped trying to persuade people because the truth is…

It doesn’t matter.

I still love the people I know who are non-believers the same as I love the people who are believers. If someone is a believer and it helps them deal with death or with missing someone, what’s the harm? If someone doesn’t believe, there is no harm in that either. I do find it interesting however, that when I give a message to a non-believer they quickly say they don’t believe, which is then followed by them asking, “What else did (insert person’s name) say?

5 thoughts on “To Believe or Not To Believe…That’s the Question

  1. I cannot attest to having as many visits from those who have passed as you have had, but, yes, I am a believer. I absolutely feel the presence of the deceased at times.

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  2. I love that thought at the ending, though I am an in-betweener. That whatever gives people solace during loss, is good for them. In fact, whatever gives people peace and faith and makes them be good, kind, compassionate human beings, is good. Exactly the thinking the world needs!

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  3. I have just started being a believer in the last five years of so… There is so much in the world that no one can explain so how could I discount the possibility that there are people that can connect with those who have passed. I think some of the non-believers may have had a bad experience with someone who acted as if they had the gift of communicating with those who have passe but did not. Unfortunately, I know there are many people out there that are frauds. That is why I have always hesitated to try and have a reading. I would love to connect with you and have a reading if you do them for the public. If not, maybe you have a connection you can recommend for me?

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    1. I agree. There are dishonest people out there. I don’t do readings. I don’t think I could even if I wanted to. People just come to me and usually I knew them or am connected to them somehow. It’s hard to explain but it just happens. I can’t control it.


  4. Your thoughts and experiences are intriguing. Thanks for raising such an interesting issue!

    I am on the fence. I feel like I was visited by my father after he passed away, but it could also be explained as wishful thinking or a mere dream. Either way, the experience was comforting.

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