The Path

Day 22 of 31

There is a cemetery near my home. If I decide to take a longish walk, I sometimes travel the path that leads from one street, into the cemetery and back to another street that heads me toward home. It’s a short cut that I will only take during the day. I mean, it’s a cemetery so, not a great place to walk at night.

Lawrenceville Cemetery Pat

Meandering through rows of concrete tributes

So many…weathered beyond recognition and difficult to read

Others…large and looming

Engraved with family names

Summoning those to take a closer look

Moving closer I discover

Dates of birth and death

Quotes that give meaning to lives well lived and to lives barely lived

Relationships between husbands, wives, and children

None of them lived long by today’s standards

The old man, the wife who outlived him and the baby that died at age 3

I create stories about these unknown people

Based simply on what is written in stone

I don’t walk the path often

That would be creepy

But when I do I am always surprised by how the grounds center me

It is quiet


Weirdly beautiful

It causes me to pause

And wonder






At least while I walk along the path

The older section

3 thoughts on “The Path

  1. The only cemetery I’ve ever willingly chosen to walk through was Arlington National in DC. It feels a bit morbid reading headstones and either thinking of who each person was (if they were known) or making up a story (if they weren’t), but it’s also interesting. Who they might have been, where they might have gone, who they might have loved…you can’t help being fascinated by it. But like you, it’s not something I’d do often, and certainly not at night!


  2. I love this! I feel the same about cemeteries now. I find it fascinating to read the names and think about who they were too. Thanks for sharing!


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