Shout Out to Eleanor Roosevelt

Day 24 of 31

I love this quote.

The funny thing is…I am definitely NOT someone who enjoys fear-like at all. I have so many fears it would fill this page but some include: death (that’s the biggest one), failure, drowning (death related), roller coasters (perceived death related), flying (death if the plane crashes) but I like to travel so I still fly, storms that could cause death, and that stupid birthday party game where we tied balloons around our ankles and people would try to stomp on the balloons and pop them. Why was that even a game?

I don’t know why this is the quote that I seem to be drawn to. Maybe it is because it pushes me to challenge myself? Maybe because as I have gotten older I definitely have gained courage and strength. I’m not sure but it is a quote that I tend to think about whenever I have a big life change. When I decided to change jobs several years ago “You must do the thing you think you cannot do” popped into my head. When it was 2006 and TYOC (The Year of Cancer) I thought of it. When I went on my first roller coaster with my kids I thought about it. Every time I feel anxiety about whatever change or life event is coming I repeat it over and over again in my mind.

So, shout out to Eleanor. I still have fears but I try not to let them control me too much and thanks to her words of wisdom, I have in fact, done many things I thought I could not do.

2 thoughts on “Shout Out to Eleanor Roosevelt

  1. I love this quote. Here’s another similar one that has helped me a lot…”Do the thing you fear to do and the death of fear is certain.” Not sure who said this. A benefit of growing older is the perspective it provides. It allows you to see the times your conquered fear and that gives you the confidence to do it again. I enjoyed your honest slice.


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