Crazy Together (a FIB poem)

Day 25 of 31

Fibonacci poetry was founded by Gregory K. Pincus. It is a poem that follows the Fibonacci sequence for syllable count per line. Thanks to all the people in this challenge who have shared theirs. Here is mine:

Crazy Together




And Grateful

That I love my job

Even when it is very hard

Teachers in my building work harder than you could know

I am so lucky that I found this crazy school because we are crazy together

6 thoughts on “Crazy Together (a FIB poem)

  1. Our school is indeed insane, and this week (and today!) may have been the craziest we’ve had in a while….I don’t think we’d survive without each other. I’m grateful to have read this tonight. Love you!

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  2. The Fib poem is one of my favorites, and this form works well here, building up the tension to the last line.


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