Five Things About Me

Day 28 of 31

As I finish out year three of the Slice of Life Challenge I have been struggling for ideas more than during the past two years of this challenge.  As a result I have been looking to other slicers in order to find some new formats.  

Sharon G. of Sharon My Thoughts borrowed Five Things About Me from another slicer and I am doing the same.

Five Things About Me:

  • Something About Yourself
    • I was so nervous my first day of teaching that I considered quitting before I started. My principal said, “Don’t worry. The first graders won’t know if you make a mistake.  Besides, you are young and pretty so they will love you.” I ended up teaching that day and have loved being in education ever since. P.S. That first grade class had 32 students. 
  • Something About Your Family/Neighborhood
    • I grew up with a not so great mom but broke that cycle (I think) with my own children-Yay Me!!! 
  • Something You Love To Do
    • I love painting old furniture and giving it new life which I discovered during 2020 when we were all working remotely
  • Something You Hate To Do
    • Cook-I would rather clean than cook. I genuinely hate cooking
  • Something You Want To Learn
    • Who the people are in the old pictures I have that have been passed down over the years

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